Make it Click by Talent and Leadership Solutions AG

Make-it-click with your clients

Make-it-click with your clients means: To be alert, to ask the right questions at the right time and discover what drives your counterpart. To show personal interest, to listen more than to speak and at the same time disclose small parts of your life and personality to establish connection.

The approach your people take when they enter a meeting impacts its outcome. If you want to close a deal, win a happy client or have people collaborate with you, you need to lead the conversation from the beginning to the end. At make-it-click we work with companies on their client meeting guidelines, define meeting standards, train their people on effectively preparing and leading those meetings and closing the deal successfully. Since a sales talk is not all about what you say, but also what you present, we additionally support our clients in making the right choices concerning meeting material and documentation, which will be shared during a presentation.

Humans do not change habits easily, therefore at make-it-click we design our interventions in close collaboration with our clients and their systems, so that companies can continue effective skill building independently and reach the next level of performance that is sustainable.

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