The Make-it-C.L.I.C.K. Model®

CONNECT – Start a genuine connection

LISTEN – Listen attentively without judgement

INDIVIDUALIZE – Adapt your response according to the person/audience you are dealing with

COMMIT – Stay accountable to your commitments

KEEP – Keep the relationship alive

The way we communicate with each other defines our relationships. Since we, as humans, have the need to be in contact with each other, it is important to understand how to efficiently create a connection and build a relationship. However, depending on the situation and the emotions involved, we often ask ourselves: Why does the other person not react as expected? Did I say something wrong? Why did I not achieve the desired outcome in this interaction?

In order to tackle these questions, we developed the Make-it-C.L.I.C.K. Model®. It helps us to understand certain patterns in our communication, which also lead to specific actions we habitually perform. We believe, that the better we understand our communication strategy (verbally and non-verbally), the easier it is to adjust to our counterparts, reach our goals and create sustainable relationships, in business as well as in our personal lives.

The model, which is based upon the science of Behavioral Psychology, allows a seamless application and was created to make any kind of interaction easy, understandable and human-centric. It helps to achieve the desired outcome in leadership, business conversations, sales negotiations, presentation, networking and many more.

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